Installing Quality Solar Systems in Washington State Since 1979

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Does Solar Energy Really Work in Washington State?

Yes!  On an annual basis, we receive 70% as much solar energy as many of the best locations in the United States.  You can support America's Energy Independence, while taking advantage of Federal Tax Credits and Utility Incentives, by installing a Western Solar Renewable Energy System on your home or business this year.

Watch for a Western Solar System during your next ride to Sea-Tac on the new Link Light Rail


Seattle was recently voted as one of the Top Ten "Greenest Cities in America"  by Popular Science Magazine.  As a Washington based company, we have been working to do our part by both living green and helping other's to live green as well.  This idea really hit home with our crew recently when we were visiting one of our solar installations and the brand-new SoundTransit Link Light Rail rolled by on one side.  At the same time there were hundreds of polluting cars exiting off of I-5 on the other side, all heading to the same location.  Just remember that there are many options for you to do your part in keeping Seattle as one of the greenest cities in America; from installing a solar electric system on your home, to simply taking advantage of our public transportation system. 

Our Mission

With offices in Bellingham and Seattle, we are a leading provider of residential and commercial solar electric, solar hot water, small wind systems and solar space heating systems in Washington State.  We strive to design and install the most cost-effective energy-saving solutions for our clients.  In so doing, we hope to contribute to decreasing our country's dependence on fossil fuel and its contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions.

Why Solar? Why Right Now?

In this age of rising energy costs and supply uncertainties, renewable energy will save you money, add value to your home or business, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  Consider solar energy as a wise long-term investment.  A key reason for this investment is that with worldwide supplies finally catching up with the demand, we have seen prices falling dramatically in the past several months to unprecedented levels.  When combined with the 30% Tax incentives from the 2009 Federal Stimulus Package, prices have fallen almost 40% for the end customer.  Also, with recent passages of aggressive Renewable Energy Portfolios in California and other surrounding states, the future prices of your system's Renewable Energy Credits will add additional revenue streams from their sales.

Additionally, studies have shown that for every $1 decrease in annual energy bills, the value of property increases by $20 (see article). The return on investment is higher for solar than other types of investments.  For example, a residential solar electric system in the Pacific Northwest will yield about 8-10% per year ROI (see example cash flow).  This is almost guaranteed as long as the sun rises and is tax free.  Over its life cycle a solar hot water system can save more than $14,000 compared to a gas hot water (see example).  In addition, these technologies are good for the planet.  They use solar energy and decrease greenhouse gas emissions.  There are many cost-effective options for using solar energy in the Pacific Northwest (see our article).

Company Profile

Western Solar Inc. specializes in designing and installing solar systems to conserve and reduce energy consumption in residential and commercial buildings.  We offer our clients the latest cost-effective technologies for generating electricity, heating water, heating buildings, and conserving energy.  We service our installations free of labor charges for the first year.  We have sales and design offices located in both Bellingham and Seattle, Washington.  Download and print pdf file of Western Solar. With over half a Megawatt of solar systems installed throughout the Western United States over the past 5 years, Western Solar's team is focused on quality installations at a low cost to the customer.  Washington Contractor's License #WESTES*910JO


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